artificial IntelLigence TASk force

Constituted by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India

what we do

The task force on AI for India’s Economic Transformation’ will submit concrete and implementable recommendations for government, industry and research institutions

The dawn of the 21st century saw electronics becoming pervasive in almost every manufactured object in the world, from toy cars to aeroplanes and from rockets to nuclear reactors. The next transformation is turning electronics hardware and software intelligent, radically changing their relationships with human "wetware". While there is a strong consensus that Artificial Intelligence will be a game-changer and a key  factor in economic development, there is a concurrent need to arrive at frameworks that will promote its deployment taking all social factors into account. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has set up this Task force on Artificial Intelligence to kick-start the use of AI for India's economic transformation.

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  • Leverage AI for Economic Benefits
  • Creation of policy and legal framework to accelerate deployment of AI technologies
  • Concrete 5 year horizon recommendations for specific Government, Industry and Research programs


  • Embed AI in our Economic, Political and Legal thought processes so that there is systemic capability to support the goal of India becoming one of the leaders of AI-rich economies

Domains of Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture/Food Processing
  • Education
  • Retail/Customer Engagement
  • Human and Robot interaction/intelligent automation
  • Aid for Differently Abled/Accessibility Technology
  • AADHAAR/Big Data
  • Environment
  • National Security
  • Enablers for AI Technology development
  • Enablers for AI entrepreneurship
  • Enablers for AI product commercialization
  • General/other issues related to AI
  • Public Utility Services